Monday, December 20, 2010

12/19/2010 作業 assignment

1. 習寫第六課生字,筆順動畫如右(請點選左邊連結,下載並列印檔案)Practice L.6 New words (Please click the link on the left for the practice sheet)
2. 寫完習作A和B本: 一到六課的範圍 (Finish practice books A and B, Lesson 1 to 6)
3. 完成一到六課的練習卷, 練習卷已在課堂發給學生 (Finish the L. 1 to 6 practice sheets which Mrs. You gave students in class)
4. 紀錄蔬食餐(只要當餐沒吃肉, 即在紀錄單上畫一個蘋果, 一天最多畫三個) Record the meal you don't eat meat (Mark an apple on your sheet when you don't eat any meat in one meal)

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